Juli the hunting dog

Hunting competitions

In august 2016 Juli achieved approved Hunting ability Test and approved beginners hunting test Water retrieving. In september Juli achieved approved the highest class inn Water retrieving hunting test.

Some of the first things I teach my dogs is retrieving. (Based on gentle and happy methods). When a dog can retrieve we can have so much fun together. Juli used a long time to get familiar with swimming. And a spaniel should retrieve in water. So we have spent quite a long time in water just to have fun. Juli thinks birds are so interesting when they are alive, but not so interesting when they are cold and dead. So I have worked with her to retrieve dead birds.

Retrieving a bird from water
And deliver the bird to my hand..
The dummy pheasant
She loves the plastic duck
And got her own dummy from her friend Ludde (Field spaniel)
Retrieving together - Ludde and Juli - very best friends...