About Flashie

Flashie was born at 14.August 2006 at kennel Winterbourne in Sweden. His name is Winterbourne White Lighting and is after Winterbourne Snowshoe Thompson (lives in Norway) and Winterbourne Absolut Blackcurrant (lives in Sweden).

Flashie is a Field Spaniel with much energy, but is very calm inside the house. He is trained in obedience, tracking (blood and human)  and a little bit in hunting (most field work and retrieving ducks and other birds from water). He loves to work. He goes very well among other dogs - both females and males. As you can see on the photos he has many dog-friends.

Flashie is a International beauty champion CIB + CIE , NORDIC  (Nowregian, Swedish and Danish) Show Champion and NORDIC Tracking Champion(Blood) (Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish). He is the first Field Spaniel ever with tihe Nordic tracking title.  He is an official tracking dog for shot and wounded deers. He has passed the hunting test part one. He has a 1.prize in obedience class 2 and may start in class 3.

In 2014 he got Very Highly Commended diploma at Crufts.

For 2013 he is Norwegian Kennel Club best Field Spaniel.

For 2012 he was best working field spaniel in Norway and ended up as the following among all spaniel breeds:
No 3 at Working spaniel of the year (NBF programme)
No 11 at Tracking Spaniel (scent: blood)
No 15 at Obedience spaniel
No 8 at Allround Working Spaniel (Result from several disiplines)

His hips, elbows and eyes (last check at 20.01.14) are checked and he is free in all. A healthy dog!

INT S(u)UCh NUCh JW-11 Winterbourne Special Design (Molly) is mated to Flashie at 14.08.14.  Molly will have an ultrasound at 11.09.14 to check if there is any puppies. We keep fingers crossed. Flashie has tested his semen and it was very good. Molly lives just 5 min away and is a very close friend to Flashie.  She has been Norwegian Spaniel Club best Field spaniel for the last three years. She has appoved hunting test and has 1.prize in tracking( scent: Blood) in both Norway and Sweden.
Flashie at his 5.birthday