Juli - nosework (or "smeller")

Juli loves to use her nose. We startet up with the norwegian form for nosework which is searching for a scent I present for her to find. (I.e. small leather pieces with a human scent on, cantarelle, a specified tea..) We use a plank with 6 boxes in. In one box the will be the right scent and the dog should tell you which box is right. We also use bigger plastic boxes to hide a small piece of the scent, searching on vehicle or in rooms. It is just the fantasy that stops you - use the nature as well and you may have several fun hours ahead with your dog.

Look at videos at the main page - and you will find some of Juli there.

Finding the twinings tea among lipton teas.
Juli is showing me where the chantarelle piece was..
Searching in the livingroom